Japanese Automotive Tier 1 Manufacturing

“We understand the investment in human capital for your organization is vital to your success and we treat each position, no matter where it falls within the organization, as mission critical”

We specialize in recruiting for Japanese Tier 1 Automotive Manufacturing.

Our top automotive executive search team, through years of working within the automotive manufacturing arena, is skilled at identifying and sourcing talent in every functional area of the automotive manufacturing industry. Building the perfect team is mission critical to the success of any organization.

Our strength comes from having worked in the Japanese automotive manufacturing industry for over 30 years recruiting top talent. Our business connections and our experience as an independent talent sourcing professional enables us to not only identify and evaluate top quality talent but also attract leading automotive executives for your team.

We work with individuals on every level that know and understand the quality, the work ethic, and determination that is expected from our Japanese owned manufacturing clients. Although many of our clients are Japanese tier 1 automotive manufacturing, we proudly serve all automotive manufacturing companies.

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